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A good story is often shared over a nice drink, so it is even better when that story happens to be about a drink!! These are by far our favourite stories, the legends of our favourite drinks that nobody knows if are true or not – although we like to believe them all, we feel this makes the drink even better…

According to legend, a screwdriver got its name from grubby oil rig workers in the Persian Gulf stirring their vodka and orange juice with a screwdriver!! (Yummy!!) Or, maybe the screwdriver was invented during the time alcohol was banned and people made their own very horrid vodka! We know for a fact that during the 1920’s in America, a lot of cocktails were born as bartenders would add various fruit juices to mask the awful taste of the home brew! However we like the theory that the name “screwdriver” was possibly a code name to order an orange juice with a kick when it was illegal!


We still think, despite having both a name and some good stories, that the screwdriver is too simple to class as a cocktail (the definition of cocktail is 3 ingredients and a screwdriver only has 2!) so our favourite story is about a surfer called Tom Harvey who used to always order a screwdriver with a shot of Galliano and then get so drunk that he’d walk into the wall on the way out so the bar put a cocktail on the menu made of Vodka, Galliano and orange juice and called it Harvey Wallbanger! There are no records of the surfer in the story and the bartender that put the drink on the menu (Donato “Duke” Antone) is known for creating other simple but classic cocktails such as Rusty Nail (scotch whiskey and Drambuie) and White Russian (vodka, Kahlua and cream) but the story is definitely a conversation point.

We also know for a fact that the infamous Tom Collins never existed, it’s thought that bartenders would create a rumour that Tom Collins had been talking rubbish about a certain bar guest and once that person then angrily went to the bartender to find this rude Tom Collins he’d be made the refreshing gin drink instead, nobody actually knows how this started or where the name came from but it’s actually a very cleaver marketing trick!!

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