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As the much-anticipated wedding of Britain’s most loved bachelor Prince Harry to his glamorous Hollywood starlet Meghan Markle we constantly see news snippets of who will be there and who will not? How much the cost of this (lets face it) not-so low key royal wedding truly is and what flavor the cake will be, so we found our selves wondering what drinks are the happy couple likely to have on their big day?

With £26.000 worth of sausage rolls and a strong possibility of a sunshine on the side, the guests are bound to need something deliciously thirst quenching to accompany the savory snack on a sunny afternoon and for those at home hosting a royal celebration in the garden, why not mix these up to toast the new Mr and Mrs Mauntbatten-Windsor’s?


Here are our recommendations:



After watching the spectacular show of beautiful gowns, sparkling tiara’s, magical carriages and let’s not forget the extravagant hats! Why not dry off the tears of joy and toast the newlyweds with a fresh Bellini?


Rhubarb and Rosewater Bellini

25ml Rhubarb and Rosewater pure

Top up with Prosecco

Serve in champagne flute




(you can replace the Rhubarb and Rosewater Pure with a pure of your own choice, why not use citrus fruits and you can call it a mimosa, the American way!)


Matching the lemon and elderflower wedding cake (we know a few people who are making their own wedding cake at home!) this one also goes down a treat with a traditional afternoon tea.


Lemon and Elderflower gimlet

25ml Fresh lemon

12.5ml Fresh lime

12.5ml Elderflower syrup

50ml Gin (Beefeater 24)

Shake on ice and strain into a Champagne coupe

Now bring on the Royal celebrations! Cheers!


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