NJAC is a completely bespoke mobile bar service, so naturally we recommend meeting up to discuss exactly how you envisage the bar at your wedding or event. However, please do have a look through our Mobile Bar Hire Packages below and check out our Cocktail Bar Menu, Sample Summer Cocktail Menu and Sample Winter Cocktail Menu.

Our Packages

Wedding Cocktail Package

A wedding cocktail bar is the perfect compliment to the perfect day. Now this is usually the part where most companies take their regular packages, throw the word wedding in front and then stick the prices up! Well not at NJAC! In fact, as your wedding is such a special day and we'd be honoured to serve our cocktail drinks at your wedding, we like to offer a discount to our wedding clients as a little gift to say congratulations.

All of the packages are available to you as well as any other ideas that you'd like to discuss.


Free Cocktail Bar Hire

 We bring our bar, our licensed staff and make the drinks and your guests pay as they go, we would be delighted to offer you Free Cocktail Bar Hire at your wedding or event. This really is as simple as it sounds; we will arrive at your event, set up our bar, bring our trained staff and serve delicious cocktails and you won't need to pay a penny to hire us. Are we mad? No, we just love showing off our hand crafted cocktails. On top of this fantastic package, we offer savings on pre booked drinks. Obviously this package comes with a few terms & conditions, to learn more please contact one of our team here at NJAC Cocktails.

Token Bar Hire

We work together to decide how many drinks you would like us to serve to your guests, we provide you with as many plastic drinks tokens. If your guests are still thirsty, we can run a tab or turn into a cash bar. Token Bar Hires are great for weddings, tokens can be sent to you in advance in order to include them in invitations, include them in table decorations or be used as a wedding favour. Hand crafted cocktails/mocktails, spirits, mixers, local beer, wine, Prosecco and cider all available. We don’t like to limit your options, so we can cater for all guest list sizes.

Not found what you're looking for?

If you haven't found a cocktail package that you were hoping for or you have another way of working in mind, then please speak to us to discuss your event. We're always delighted to personalise our bespoke cocktail service and like to remind our clients that anything is possible with NJAC.

Check out some sample menus below:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 14.53.19  Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 14.53.33   Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 14.54.38

Josh from NJAC at the Bar
Cocktail Shaking NJAC Salisbury Arms