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Sex on the beach? Porn star martini? Why is it called that?! Is long island iced tea a tea? We get these questions all the time so here are a few answers that will make you an expert next time you are at the bar.


Long island iced tea -We are fairly sure that it is from Long Island (Tennessee) although it most definitely does not contain any form of tea in it! The likeliest explanation is that during the 20’s in America where alcohol could not be bought, sold, imported or created people kept their drinking under wraps and it is believed that a man known as Old Man Bishop and his son came up with the drink, made to look and even taste like iced tea to disguise their alcohol consumption to others, how cleaver!

Tequila Sunrise -Created by Gene Sulit in the 1930s or 1940s, this one is an easy one, the drop of grenadine into the mix of Tequila and orange juice (we like to add a bit of pineapple to mix things up!) makes the drink look like a desert sunrise and as Tequila is from Mexico it sort of makes sense!

Gimlet – Actually named after a small screw-tipped tool for boring holes on ships due to its sharpness. Originally made from mixing lime cordial and gin when the Royal navy had Rose lime cordial created in the 1860’s to use on board their ships to combat scurvy and as a source of vitamin C that did not require any refrigeration, they of course mixed it with Gin and the gimlet was born.

Mai Tai – Possibly a bit of a miscommunication there as Victor J. Bergeron invented the Mai Tai in 1944 at his eponymous restaurant Trader Vic’s in California. For some Tahitian friends, who shouted “Mai Tai”in way of complimenting the drink as it actually means “good” or “nice” in Tahitian… Awkward!

Black Velvet – Not one we have on our menu often however a cool story! A beer cocktail made from stout (often Guinness) and sparkling wine, traditionally champagne. The drink was first created by the bartender of Brooks’s Club in London in 1861. Created for the mourning ceremony of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband to symbolise black or purple armbands worn by mourners. -Pretty cool to have a cocktail made in your memory!

As for sex on the beach, well there are a few stories and as for a lot of things that happen on Spring break on the beaches of USA, most are not to be repeated! Porn star martini is an easy one though as creator Douglas Ankrah wanted to create a sexy bold and playful drink and named it porn star martini as he thought it would be something a porn star might order, aahhhh Mai Tai!


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