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Making Cocktails


Years of experience, award-winning ideas, outstanding service and tasty drinks. Based in the cathedral city of Salisbury, at the edge of the New Forest, with London and Cardiff to either side of us and the sunny seaside to the south, we are blessed with a whirlwind of inspiration!

Thanks again for making our wedding awesome, people are still talking about the quality drinks you guys made! Your drinks actually formed part of the interior design for our tipi!”

Liam Garrigan, Dorset Bar



A wedding bar requires finite planning, expert and flexible staff and a flawless set up. Every inch of your day could be photographed and we are meticulous in ensuring that we fit the style of your day.

I literally can’t think of a reason why anyone would book with anyone else. You offer everything and at such a high quality!

Alex Young, Wiltshire Bar

Today NJAC Event Bars offer mobile bar hire across the South of England. Serving high-quality drinks, expert staff, a range of bars, cash and card payment options, and a huge range of spirits, what more can you ask for?
What can I say; your bar team was amazing. You developed every idea we threw at you. From foams to flaming cocktails, to personalised martinis you really had it all!

Zac & Tori, Hampshire Bar


Corporate Events

First impressions are almost everything, but the final impression that you guests leave with are crucial. We ensure that the first and last serve is faultless and that all aspects are timed to perfection.

Contact Us

We would love to serve our drinks at your event, so send us a few details through our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

  • NJAC stands for Not Just Any Cocktail. This is because the company started as a high end cocktail bar, innovating and creating the most intriguing and exciting cocktails. The name caught on, and our clients demanded more, so we added another 70 or so products behind the bar, including draught beers, gins, wine, whiskey, rum and a wide range of mixers and became NJAC Event Bars.

  • If you have 75 guests or more, then we are delighted to offer free bar hire and staff hire. We can afford to do this for a number of reasons; 1) We have complete confidence in our delicious products and amazing staff, 2) All of our bars have an achievable minimum spend which mitigates our risk and 3) We serve at so many events in the year, that we can afford not to charge for some of them.

  • This is an industry wide calculation, designed to ensure that a bar isn’t hired for free and then forgotten about. It is security for us to ensure we cover the cost of set up, perishables, staff etc. If the minimum spend isn't achieved then you are required to pay 50% of the shortfall. (Many bars ask for the full shortfall to be paid but that implies that are bar generates 100% profit, and we don't think that's fair!)

  • The answer is yes and tiny! We have worked very hard to ensure that all of our bar menus are entirely vegan friendly. We have learned a lot and made some simple changes, such as stocking foaming agents made from aquafaba, as oppose to egg whites.

    We are also delighted to be using biodegradable straws and disposable cups, all made from plant starch (not paper!)

  • We aim to be flexible with our set up and pack down times, as we do understand that each venue has their own rules for access, before and after events. On most occasions we set up the day before and pack down on the night or the next day, we will have a consultation before your event and put a plan in place that suits you and your venue.

  • We absolutely can! As long as we can get hold of the product(s) we can stock it for your event. The same goes for cocktails; we love to create and design drinks for clients and events. We really do mean create; we have themed our cocktails by colour, garnish, glass type and even included names and logos on cocktails!

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Private Parties

Adding a bartender/mixologist to your private party is the ultimate showpiece. Your guests will be treated to a bespoke menu of hand-selected drinks, served to the highest standards from our cocktail bars.

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